Episode 103 - American History X

We decided to curb stomp the 1998 Edward Norton vehicle "American History X" that showed us all neo-Nazis have to do to overcome their vicious deep-seated racism is have one jokey conversation with a funny black guy in prison.

This movie has it all: a "Psycho"-esque black-and-white bloody slow-motion shower scene, a hilariously unrealistic reverse slam dunk by Edward Norton, a giant swastika tattoos, a cheesy villains, a few funny wigs, and even a little kid dressed up as Adolf Hitler.

Edward Norton stars as Derek Vinyard, a leader of a white supremacist gang called the Disciples of Christ, who kills a couple dudes who try to rob his car (one by curb stomping). He then serves three years in prison for voluntary manslaughter, changes his beliefs and tries to prevent his brother from going down the same path. He goes from wearing a backward hat over his mullet (like Poochie from "The Simpsons") when innocent to a shaved-head neo-Nazi with a giant swastika tattooed on his chest two seconds later.

Edward Furlong plays Norton's younger brother who recalls the story and writes it in a paper for school and annoyingly narrates throughout the film.

Beverly D'Angelo (of the "Vacation" movies fame) plays their chain-smoking mom who can't catch a break after her racist firefighter husband dies.

Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine") plays Dr. Bob Sweeney, a high school principal who also seems to run the police department and the prison system.

And we also have Ethan Suplee, Fairuza Balk, Elliott Gould, Stacy Keach, and the nice-guy dad from "Boy Meets World" as an N-word spewing fireman dad.

We wonder who would be funny at reading the "Mein Kampf" audiobook, how hard Beverly D'Angelo is trying to win an Oscar in this, and how the paper Edward Furlong's character writes throughout is an F paper.

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