Episode 14 - As Good as It Gets

A mentally ill author, a spunky waitress, and a gay painter show us that all you need to do in life to find true happiness is settle for less in the 1997 Best Picture nominee "As Good as It Gets."

Jack Nicholson plays Melvin Udall, a reclusive obsessive-compulsive who keeps people away with his bristly attitude, but underneath that rough exterior is a manipulative old lecher who wants to get laid. He actually won an Oscar for this shit.

Helen Hunt plays Carol Connelly, a plucky waitress with a sick son who is desperate to find a man. She says some stale lines, gets upset several times, and shows a little ass crack, so it's supposed to be a magnificent performance.

Greg Kinnear plays Simon Bishop, an artist who is robbed and beaten so badly that he goes broke from the hospital bills. Simon is forced to go on a zany road trip to ask his parents for help. We're supposed to believe that this seemingly awful situation changes Simon's life for the better somehow, even though he is now deformed, handicapped, and roommates with a madman.

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