Episode 76 - Dirty Dancing

In this episode, we have the time of our lives as we discuss the 1987 smash hit "Dirty Dancing." It's a fun flick about a 17-year-old girl who raises money for a botched abortion, learns to dance and loses her virginity to a small-time male prostitute, but the gigolo has awesome hair and a six-pack, so it all works out well in the end.

Jennifer Grey plays Frances "Baby" Houseman, a wannabe do-gooder whose main method of enacting change in the world appears to be begging her daddy for help while simultaneously treating him like garbage.

Patrick Swayze plays Johnny Castle, a gentile who works as a dance instructor at a summer resort that is specifically all-Jewish, but he is somehow hurt and surprised when he is treated like an outsider. He also manages to paint himself as a victim when he voluntarily has sex with wealthy women for money.

Jerry Orbach plays Dr. Jake Houseman, a nice-seeming physician who makes the mistake of bringing his two spoiled teenage daughters on vacation with him to a resort in upstate New York. Throughout the film, his awful girls do every possible thing they can think of to abuse him and break his will to live.

Join us as we discuss how this movie seems to give up on being a period piece halfway through; as we argue with each other about if the '50s music in this is good or not; and as we come to realize that the final sequence of the film may be a dream sequence.

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