Episode 106 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

If you actually do stop and look around at the 1986 John Hughes classic "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off," there's a lot of stuff you can't miss that doesn't make sense. Are Ferris and his sister twins? Do his parents think he has the mind of the 5-year-old boy? Is Ferris a figment of Cameron's imagination? We will discuss all those and much more as we tear this iconic '80s flick.

Matthew Broderick plays Ferris Bueller, one of the most popular high school students without a social media presence in the history of the world. He acts like a baby around his parents and habitually skips school. He enjoys scheming, using people to do his bidding, grand theft auto, lip-synching on parade floats, computer hacking, changing outfits a lot, and complaining that he doesn't own a car (which, knowing what we know now about Matthew Broderick's driving record—thank god he doesn't). 

29-year-old (at the time) Alan Ruck plays Cameron Frye, Ferris' sad-sack best friend who spends the whole movie moping about his daddy issues, and then destroys a priceless automobile because he's a bad son.  

Pre-nose-job and pre-"Dirty Dancing" Jennifer Grey plays Ferris' sister Jeannie, who spend the whole movie chasing Ferris. Knowing the two actors dated afterward, this now makes more sense.

Convicted child porn owner Jeffrey Jones plays Principal Ed Rooney, who also spends the whole movie chasing Ferris. Which, knowing what we now know about this actor, makes this very scary.

Mia Sara plays Sloan Peterson, Ferris' younger girlfriend whose main purpose in this movie is to baby and sexually confuse Cameron while also hoping Ferris will marry her (he won't).

And Charlie Sheen basically plays himself.

Join us as we are relieved Ferris doesn't own a car, that Jeffrey Jones never catches him, try to determine which of the cliques the principal’s secretary rattles off we fit into, and as Jim discovers that he *is* Cameron Frye.

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