Episode 88 - Mamma Mia!

Does Your Mother Know you're listening? Well, we're glad that you decided to Take a Chance on us this episode, you little Chiquititas. We don't Lay All Our Love on the 2008 smash hit "Mamma Mia!" Audiences lost and studios won as this movie made $615.7 million at the box office, but, as they say, The Winner Takes It All and the loser has to fall.

A lot of people think this movie is Honey, Honey, but we think that it's vinegar, vinegar.

We thought this might be Our Last Summer after watching this drivel, but we we Super Troupers and powered through it without letting a single scene Slip Through Our Fingers.

When All Is Said and Done, not even underrated Meryl Streep could keep us from thinking that this was the cinematic equivalent of Waterloo.

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