Episode 48 - Police Academy

Get your head out of a horse's ass and join us as we discuss former President William Jefferson Clinton's favorite film, the 1984 classic, "Police Academy." The movie made $146M at the box office and spawned six sequels as well as a short-lived TV series. It's only a matter of time before J.J. Abrams or one of the Nolan brothers makes a gritty reboot or prequel.

Steve Guttenberg plays Cadet Carey Mahoney, a smart aleck who's forced to join the police academy rather than face jail time for criminal destruction of property. Much to his surprise, good ol' Mahoney quickly falls in love with one of his fellow cadets and ends up deciding that he actually wants to be a cop.

David Graf plays Cadet Tackleberry, a trigger-happy maniac. In hindsight, Tackleberry's shoot-first, ask-questions-later policy is no longer the fount of comedic gold it was once considered.

Bubba Smith plays Cadet Hightower, a colossal florist-turned-cop who doesn't take kindly to racist remarks. Hightower's performance is full of zany strongman antics, including: smashing over brick wall, overturning a cop car and knocking a guy out with one punch.

Michael Winslow plays Larvell Jones, a human sound effects machine who, in retrospect, seems like he needs some serious mental help to overcome his severe neuropsychiatric disorder.

Kim Cattrall of "Sex and the City" fame plays Cadet Karen Thompson, a rich girl whose character is never really fleshed out, but she is thrown into the mix to be Mahoney's love/flesh interest.

Join us as we discuss an alternate reality where "Police Academy" didn't exist and Jim struggles to pronounce names. 

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