Episode 34 - Something's Gotta Give

The 2003 Nancy Meyers joint, "Something's Gotta Give," tells the story of a mother falling wildly in love with her daughter's boyfriend after spending a couple days with the guy while he's recovering from a heart attack. It's a tale as old as time, told by an idiot, full of phony crying and boner jokes, signifying nothing.

Diane Keaton plays Erica Jane Barry, a turtleneck wearin' Broadway play writin' 50-something divorcée who somehow manages to lead a billionaire's lifestyle. At first, she pretends that she is leading a highly-fulfilling and independent life, but she quickly falls to pieces as soon as a man she gets a crush on appears. Don't worry, though, because she ends up writing a hit play about her heartbreak, so it's all worth it or something.

Jack Nicholson plays Harry Sanborn, a Viagra poppin' rap label ownin' 60-something multi-millionaire playboy who spends most of his time seeking out casual sex with beautiful women half his age until he has a heart attack and sees the error of his ways. After that, he has a brief fling with a woman who is age-appropriate, spends six months apologizing to hundreds of past lovers for no reason and chases after his one true love in Paris.

Keanu Reeves plays Dr. Julian Mercer, a flawless 30-something Broadway lovin' emergency medicine practicin' doctor who falls deeply in love with Diane Keaton's character immediately upon meeting her despite their almost 20-year age gap. That's right, they cast Bill from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" as an intellectual physician. His distractingly-bad performance inadvertently provides the only effective comic relief in the movie.

Join us as we discuss the problems we have with Nancy Meyers movies as well as Keating's mom's thorough analysis the film.

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