Episode 93 - While You Were Sleeping

The 1995 smash hit "While You Were Sleeping" is about a mentally deranged woman who infiltrates the family of a man who was violently attacked and falls into a coma by claiming that she is his fiancée. She deceives his family into welcoming her as one of their own and she even manages to manipulate the coma patient’s godfather into  conspiring with her. Last but not least, she seduces the coma victim’s unsuccessful but kinda charming brother which could potentially destroy this happy family she so covets.

Sandra Bullock plays Lucy Eleanor Moderatz, a sad Chicago Transit Authority worker whose only meaningful relationship was with her recently deceased father. She fantasizes about trading in her cat lady existence for becoming the wife of a rich handsome lawyer who she doesn't even know. The only problem with her dream is that it has no basis in reality and the only she can achieve it is through disgusting treachery.

Bill Pullman plays Jack Callaghan, a spineless ne'er-do-well who specializes in conning recently bereaved families into selling their furniture for for a fraction of its worth, but he aspires to make furniture rather than harvesting it from the dead, so that makes him a nice dude or something. He also drops everything when he meets his brother’s fiancée and focuses all of his efforts on stealing her.

Peter Gallagher plays Peter Callaghan, a one testicled slimy narcissistic lawyer with glamour shots of himself displayed all over his apartment and even a few in his wallet. He is also quasi-engaged to an evil-seeming married woman.

Peter Boyle plays Ox Callaghan, the patriarch of this family of ghouls who delights in profiting from the personal tragedy of others. He’s kinda the same character he played in "Everybody Loves Raymond," but he loves to dance on people's graves.

Jack Warden plays Saul Tuttle, an old jokester who was adopted by the Callaghan family after he lost his wife and was named the godfather of their eldest son. He repays the favor by betraying them and using Yiddish to criticize them.

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