Episode 28 - Big Fish

Tim Burton's 2003 fantasy drama, "Big Fish," took an interesting novel, shredded it into a bunch of disjointed pieces and removed all its compelling aspects. The story of a son working to overcome the deep-rooted distance between himself and his terminally ill father is drowned out completely by naked werewolves, guys dying while jerking off on the toilet and weird sex cult towns.

Ewan McGregor plays young Edward Bloom, an ambitious Alabamian anecdotalist who goes on one adventure after another. The audience is supposed to think young Edward is such a good dude as he alienates his son, delivers a simple-minded "friend" with gigantism to a flimflam circus man to be exploited as part of a "freak show," steals a guy's fiancé, and carries on an emotional affair.

Albert Finney plays old Edward Bloom, the most boisterous stage 4 cancer patient you've ever seen. He spends his declining years recounting braggadocious stories all about his wild and heroic exploits.

Billy Crudup turns in the worst performance of his career as Will Bloom, a petulant young man who can't let go of his resentment for his dying dad even though the movie gives him no reason to feel bitter in the first place.

Jessica Lange plays Sandra Bloom, a Manic Pixie Dream Wife whose purposes in life are to fawn over her husband, Edward, and to serve as his trophy.

Also, fair warning, Keating sings Toad the Wet Sprocket's "All I Want."

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