Episode 27 - Gravity

In space, life is impossible. But if only Alfonso Cuarón filmed his overrated and meaningless turd from 2013, “Gravity,” in the vacuum of space, we wouldn’t have had to sit through this 91-minute chore that somehow felt like three hours.

This movie was indiscriminately lauded by critics, received 10 Oscar nominations—winning seven, and has been labeled "a masterpiece" by many. We don’t buy it.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star as stranded astronauts trying to survive after a Sharknado of space junk knocks them around and cuts their communication ties with NASA, and evidently destroys half of North America’s access to Facebook.

We discuss this movie’s lack of story and shoe-horned-in harrowing backstories in this nonstop anxiety porn that people seem to give a pass to because it looks pretty in 3-D.

We are baffled by George Clooney’s characters’ weird story about a transvestite, the conversation Sandy Bullock’s character has with an Inuit fisherman, and why the Chinese apparently are able to play ping pong on space stations.

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