Episode 22 - Chasing Amy

Kevin Smith's 1997 turd pile, "Chasing Amy," has 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. We didn't want to waste our time wading through this cesspool of a movie, but the critics didn't do their job, so we had to.

Ben Affleck plays Holden McNeil, a pompous stand in for Kevin Smith who continually spits out pseudo-intellectual diatribes about the meaning of love and what it is to be a true artist.

Jason Lee plays Banky Edwards, an ultra-sarcastic comic book inker who aggressively sabotages his best friend Holden's relationship in the hopes that Holden will one day decide to become gay and romantically love him instead.

Joey Lauren Adams plays Alyssa Jones, a lesbian who somehow falls for Holden's douchey persona, but the relationship quickly crumbles when Banky reveals to Holden that Alyssa had a promiscuous past.

Jim raps in this episode, so it's worth a listen just for that. 

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