Episode 21 - The Big Short

The 2015 Academy darling "The Big Short" focuses on a band of sanctimonious Wall Street traders. The director of "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" and "The Other Guys," Adam McKay, has now decided that he’s a serious auteur filmmaker all the sudden. He took the very complicated subject of the 2007 market collapse and dumbed it down as much as possible to the point where the movie ends up being exceptionally boring and convoluted.

Throughout this film, numerous celebrity cameos tell us how high finance works. We suggest a few celebrities who they should they should have added into the mix.

The author of the story, Michael Lewis, habitually needs to turn every person he writes about into an eccentric underdog caricature when they are anything but. We're sorry, but the people who work at the top banks in world are not the little guy. These people aren't Robin Hoods. Yes, they stole from the rich, but instead of giving to the poor they lined their own pockets.

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