Episode 90 - Finding Forrester

In 2000, Gus Van Sant released his second film about a sad older man who mentors a promising young genius only to regain his zest for life along the way, "Finding Forrester." They tried to rekindle the magic from "Good Will Hunting," but they instead ended up making a painfully uncomfortable white savior movie strung together with every cornball trope known to man.

Sean Connery plays William Forrester, a reclusive writer who authored a book that is now on the required reading list for every high schooler (aka a J.D. Salinger stand-in). Forrester has a habit of creepily monitoring the comings and goings of everyone in his neighborhood through binoculars and has the ability to read lips or something because he seems to know exactly what everyone is up to. His peeping eventually manages to rouse some local kids into breaking into his apartment to see what his deal is.

Rob Brown plays Jamal Wallace, a 16-year-old genius from the Bronx who started journaling regularly after his drug-addicted dad walked out on his family. Jamal excels at basketball, but he hides his intelligence and his ambitions to be writer from everyone in his life until he accidentally drops the backpack containing his journals while robbing the apartment of Connery's character, the local ghostly hermit.

F. Murray Abraham plays Professor Robert Crawford, a bitter teacher at a prestigious private school who has spent the past several decades talking down to his students and viciously punishing any dissenters. He is a crazy fanboy of Sean Connery's character and, unbeknownst to him, Connery went out his way to blackball him and prevent his book from being published which made him into the monster that he has become.

Join us as we cringe our way though Sean Connery trying to win an Oscar, debate whether or not Jamal is even good at basketball or writing and unleash some of the worst Sean Connery impressions every perpetrated on the general public.

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