Episode 36 - Liar Liar

The 1997 Jim Carrey/Christopher Darden vehicle, "Liar Liar," is about a child who makes a birthday wish, just for one day, that his slimy lawyer dad cannot tell a lie. When the boy's wish is granted by some unspecified demon, his father is stricken with a case of Tourette syndrome which ultimately results in his arrest, the loss of his job and severe bodily harm. Oh yeah, this is a "fun" comedy. 

Jim Carrey plays Fletcher Reede, an irredeemably despicable attorney who cheats on his wife, exchanges sexual favors for career advancement and considers spousal abuse to be a laughing matter, but the audience is supposed to think he's a swell guy because he occasionally likes to tickle his son who he lovingly refers to as "Creepy."

Christopher Darden, one of the prosecutors who famously bungled the O.J. Simpson trial, has an uncredited cameo at the beginning of the film where he asks Jim Carrey how his trial went. This is not a joke.

Maura Tierney plays Audrey Reede, a pathetic divorcée who spends most of the movie deciding whether or not to move her child from L.A. to Boston and marry a guy she hates out of nothing more than petty spite for her ex-husband.

Join us as we discuss how this movie rips off "The Twilight Zone" twice, Jim's history with clowns and whether this movie should be rated G or NC-17.

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