Episode 37 - Bridesmaids

Viewing Paul Feig's overly-praised 2011 comedy, "Bridesmaids," is like watching a series of bad deleted scenes from a better movie. The film is a mediocre and forgettable “Saturday Night Live” sketch that keeps dragging on for more than two hours of your life that you will never get back.

Kristen Wiig plays Annie Walker, an immature, bitter and self-destructive former bakery shop owner who cannot stand to see anyone around her experiencing happiness. Despite the fact that she can barely pay the rent on her shitty apartment that she shares with two weirdo British roommates, Annie commits to being the maid of honor in a wedding that has a budget of at least a million dollars. Everything she ends up touching turns to shit and cheeseball antics ensue. Also, there's some lame love story about Annie and a dopey Irish police officer.

Maya Rudolph plays Lillian Donovan, an asshole-bleachin’ diarrhea in the middle of the street havin’ Wilson Phillips lovin’ bridezilla who can’t seem to decide which one of her sociopathic friends is her true bestie. She plays the BFF candidates against one another in a series of elaborate wedding-related events until one of them breaks down from sheer exhaustion at the amount of drama that she can bring to bear.

Rose Byrne plays Helen Harris III, a snooty and possessive mean girl maniac who’s hell-bent on edging out her competition for the title of Lillian’s best friend. Throughout the movie, Helen sets up one china shop after another for her adversary, Annie, to bull through while trying to isolate herself as much as possible from the collateral damage.

Melissa McCarthy plays Megan Price, a well-meaning, lovable buffoon who awkwardly blunders her way through one contrived scenario after the next, almost exactly like Chris Farley. Her performance produces a couple of the rare funny moments this movie has to offer.

Oh, and Rebel Wilson plays the most annoying character ever conceived of in the history of mankind: herself.

Join us as we discuss Jim’s binders full of funny women and how the scenes in this film are as long, and as painful, as the gestation of an elephant.

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