Episode 63 - Pitch Perfect

The 2012 hit film "Pitch Perfect," about dueling college a cappella groups is an "a-ca-terrible" combination of the movies "Dodgeball" and "Mean Girls," but instead of being funny, it is just a bunch of people lip-synching over-produced Auto-Tune vocals to songs we all rightly forgot about a while ago.

This movie projectile vomits a slew of ignorant comments about rape victims, Asian-Americans, lesbians, Jews and deaf people. These are all played for laughs, but they forgot that laughs are usually the result of jokes, not just saying random inappropriate things.

Anna Kendrick plays the literally too-cool-for-school Beca Mitchell, your typical angsty teen who loves to make mix tapes, and somehow believes this makes her a real musician. She dreams of moving to Los Angeles to work for a record label so she can then be a musician (which isn’t how that works), but has to first join an all-girls a cappella team for a year, or else her daddy won’t pay for her to move to LA.

Skylar Astin (who looks exactly like Dane Cook) plays Jesse, Anna Kendrick’s love interest who sings for the girls’ rival a cappella group. He loves the movie "The Breakfast Club" and thinks Simple Mind's song "Don't You (Forget About Me)" is the best original score in film history, because he doesn’t know what constitutes a film score apparently.

Rebel Wilson plays a girl who calls herself "Fat Amy" so "twiggy bitches" won't call her that behind her back, because, ya know, body-shaming is wrong. She's a brash Australian who isn't funny at all. Oh, so is her character.

Adam Devine plays Bumper Allen, the egotistical leader of the girls' rival a cappella group. He has a crush on "Fat Amy" and also enjoys throwing burritos. He ends up becoming a back-up singer for John Mayer, who needs one for some reason.

Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins play the announcers for these boring a cappella events, unabashedly ripping off Fred Willard’s character in "Best in Show," but forgetting to be funny.

Join us as we discuss DJs, how we would re-write this movie, and Osama bin Laden’s old a cappella days.

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