Episode 62 - When Harry Met Sally...

We will not have what she's having! The 1989 Rob Reiner-directed and Nora Ephron-written vehicle "When Harry Met Sally...” ushered in Meg Ryan as a leading lady and has been a pox on all of our houses ever since. We know that this movie is fiction because it pretends 41-year-old Billy Crystal is a twenty-something Lothario who has slept with so many women that he may need to leave New York City.

Billy Crystal plays Harry Burns, a supposed political consultant, and Meg Ryan plays Sally Albright, a supposed hard-hitting journalist, even though we never see either of them do a lick of work. But they must be successful because they are both insanely rich with their gigantic Manhattan high-rise apartments. The story follows these two unlikable characters over 12 years, even though they only really know each other for the last year and a half. So, why 12 years?

The cast also features the late Carrie Fisher and the late Bruno Kirby as Harry and Sally's friends who are equally despicable New Yorkers.

This movie has it all—fake female orgasms, old-people-in-love testimonials, wagon wheel coffee tables, power walking and even former President Gerald Ford's son.

Join us as we do impressions of hack comedians from the '80s, discuss whether or not men and women can be friends and wonder whatever happened to The Sharper Image.

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