Episode 51 - Rudy

The 1993 inspirational (to idiots) sports drama, "Rudy," is based on a true story—meaning that it’s mostly made up. Most of the characters never existed, and all the events are misconstrued to make it seem like this little manipulative weasel actually accomplished something special. He didn't.

Sean Astin plays Rudy, a mediocre high school football player who wouldn't give up until he schemed his way into the University of Notre Dame and onto the football team. Like any true heroic journey, the process entailed a lot of ass kissing, begging and lying.

Jon Favreau plays D-Bob, a lecherous douche who becomes fast friends with Rudy after realizing that, although they have different goals, they are cut from the same repugnant cloth.

Charles S. Dutton plays Fortune, a mysterious groundskeeper with a heart of gold who may or may not be a ghost. He doesn’t realize how awful Rudy is, and he inadvertently mentors him throughout the execution of his Machiavellian plan.

And weirdly Vince Vaughn is in this movie.

Join us as we discuss some incriminating facts about the real-life Rudy, our thoughts on motivational speakers, and why this movie should be forgotten.

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