Episode 52 - Titanic (1/2)

It's our one-year anniversary! And, as promised, we're celebrating this milestone by tearing apart one of the most overrated movies of all time: James Cameron's "Titanic."

Now, we're covering the first half of this 3-hour epic in this episode, and we'll tackle the second half of the movie next week, so buckle up.

You all know the story: two star-crossed lovers overcome their socioeconomic differences only to then experience one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th century. This cheeseball mess somehow won 11 Oscars and not 11 Razzies. Go figure. 

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jack Dawson, a penniless orphan vagabond who enjoys gambling, drawing nudie pics and ridiculing one-legged prostitutes.

Kate Winslet plays Rose DeWitt Bukater, a suicidal Philadelphia socialite who believes that being an unhappy rich girl is equivalent to being a slave.

Billy Zane plays Caledon Nathan Hockley, a violent and possessive rich schmuck with no taste in art who travels with a homicidal sidekick.

Bill Paxton plays Brock Lovett, an earring-clad deep sea explorer who gleefully scours the remains of a horrible catastrophe looking for treasure. 

Join us as we celebrate Film Snuff's one-year anniversary in style as we explore important topics, like whether or not Kathy Bates has a Mr. Skin profile and if the Italian stereotype character in this grew up to be a Mario Brother (he does get smashed by a giant pipe later in the movie).

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