Episode 32 - Saturday Night Fever

The iconic 1977 musical-drama, "Saturday Night Fever," is perhaps the most overrated movie we've reviewed to date (e.g., Gene Siskel's favorite movie). People tend to remember the film as a fun little dance flick instead of seeing it for the poorly-filmed tribute to douchebaggery that it is. It's chock-full of gleeful racism and unashamed rape. It's tremendous box-office success did a lot to reinvigorate the horrible disco phenomenon and further propel its disgusting culture for several more years.

John Travolta basically again plays Vinnie Barbarino from "Welcome Back, Kotter," and he was somehow given a Best Actor Oscar nomination for doing so. His character's actions throughout the movie are unforgivable, but the audience is ultimately supposed to think he's a good dude because he has a cute smile and can dance.

Join us as we put on our hazmat suits to wade through this toxic waste dump of a movie.

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