Episode 31 - Chocolat

One winter day in the year 2000, a sly wind blew in from the North carrying the rotten stench of "Chocolat." Its watered-down message about religious zealots needing to get laid every once in a while and lighten up slightly is supposed to be charming, but it is really just a cheap bastardization of a powerful and beautifully-written novel that challenges the morality of Catholicism. The makers of the film ripped out the heart of the story for the purpose of not offending Christian audiences and replaced it with a half-baked quirky romance.

Juliette Binoche plays a semi-magical single mother who moves into a small town in 1950s France and starts selling chocolate-flavored Spanish Fly and creates quite the stir. Bill Cosby would be proud [allegedly] that slipping sex drugs to unknowing victims is shown in such a positive light.

Johnny Depp plays Roux, an irreverent drifter with a questionable accent. 

Join us as we for the second week in a row tackle a movie with an Easter theme. This time we have a chocolate hangover rather than a Jesus' blood hangover. 

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