Episode 58 - Scream

Happy Halloween! Back in the year 1996, famed horror director Wes Craven and the dude who made "Dawson’s Creek," Kevin Williamson, got together to produce an ultra-self-referential stabfest called "Scream." It led to three sequels as well as a TV series, and it launched the careers of some of the most annoying people the '90s had to offer.

Neve Campbell plays Sidney Prescott, a virginal 23-year-old high school student who can inexplicably kick the ass of accomplished murderers twice her size.

1-800-COLLECT spokesperson David Arquette plays the same weirdo character he played in every movie he has ever been cast in. Why was this guy a thing?

Courteney Cox plays Gale Weathers, a tabloid TV journalist who nowadays would be the most well-respected person on CNN.

Skeet Ulrich plays Billy Loomis, a poor man's Johnny Depp who loves comparing his relationship with Neve Campbell to the MPAA rating system.

Matthew Lillard is the biggest toolbag ever. And that's it.

Jamie Kennedy plays Randy Meeks, a movie-obsessed video store clerk who loves lecturing his peers on about the rules of slasher movies, like all those annoying pricks you went to high school with.

Drew Barrymore plays Casey Becker. She dies in the first scene and watching her get murdered is the best part of the movie.

Liev Schreiber weirdly is in this movie for 15 seconds on a TV screen.

Henry Winkler plays Principal Himbry. Too bad he didn’t jump any sharks in this one.

Join us as we learn of Jim's undying hatred of Matthew Lillard, Keating's hatred of Jamie Kennedy, and how the Blue Collar Comedy Tour is connected to Harvey Weinstein.

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