Episode 68 - Shakespeare in Love

One of the most overrated Best Picture winners ever, 1998's "Shakespeare in Love," about a cool-guy William Shakespeare going around plague-ridden 1593 London, tries to pretend this is about a character trying to find love, when any viewer can see he's merely a creepy con artist who's just trying to bang everything that moves.

Joseph Fiennes plays William "Will" Shakespeare as the title character who says he's trying to find his muse, but he's just trying to get laid.

Gwyneth Paltrow plays Shakespeare's "love" (but really just lust) interest who is about to be sold to Colin Firth's character by her parents, but really wants to be an actor, so she dresses up as a man to fool everyone. How she is supposed to be convincing as a man just because she has a mustache on is beyond us. 

The cast also includes Geoffrey Rush, Tom Wilkinson, Dame Judi Dench (who are fine), and Ben Affleck (who is painful, as always).

Join us as we discuss how this movie won Harvey Weinstein his only Oscar, how Dame Judi Dench got a strange tattoo because of this movie, and what a bunch of phooey Gwyneth Paltrow's website Goop is.

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