Episode 67 - Point Break

In 1991, cool brah James Cameron and tubular dudette Kathryn Bigelow pulled down their pants and mooned the world when they created the beloved action movie "Point Break," which showed us all that some bank robbers aren't just criminals, but can also be one-with-nature radical surfers who love to skydive. 

Patrick Swayze plays Bodhi, the philosophical leader of the gang of surfing bank robbers who call themselves The Ex-Presidents. He and his floppy sun-bleached hair don't want to allow society to dictate how they live their lives, so he prefers to rob banks to stick it to the man (aka, so he can just party all the time).

Keanu Reeves plays the absurdly-named Johnny Utah, an Ohio-bred, former college star quarterback who has now become an FBI agent, and has been tapped to go undercover as a surfer to infiltrate the suspects. At first Bodhi and his gang don't trust him—because, as we all know, Keanu seems nothing like a surfer—but once they learn he used to be a football star, they immediately accept him into their circle, no questions asked. 

Gary Busey plays Keanu's grizzled, older partner who came up with the zany theory that the bank robbers might be surfer dudes. Busey is shockingly normal in this role, even though it was after his brain injury, so it's, well, confusing. 

And Lori Petty plays Tyler, an orphaned surfer who is Swayze's ex-girlfriend and becomes Keanu's love interest. She enjoys shooting guns just inches away from people's heads when she finds out they lied to her, and that's about it. 

Join us as we jump out of a plane without a parachute, discuss how this movie was remade twice (one was titled "The Fast and the Furious"), and wonder whether or not Tim Tebow is currently an FBI informant. 

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