Episode 38 - Starship Troopers

The emperor has no clothes! Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 film, "Starship Troopers,” is a blow ‘em up action war movie for 13-year-old boys featuring slimy aliens and a co-ed shower scene. It cowardly tries to claim that it's misunderstood satire rather than just a pile of space junk. In reality, the film is as effective at attacking militarism as "Top Gun," and, as far as the argument that this director is a secret genius goes, remember than Verhoeven is the same no-talent hack who famously directed softcore pornos like "Showgirls" and "Basic Instinct."

Casper Van Dien brings his soap opera-level talents to the role of Johnny Rico, a pretty boy who enlists in the military to try to impress his high school girlfriend despite clear indications that she's Just Not That Into Him. Against all odds, Rico manages to rise through the ranks and ultimately plays a major part in saving the human race from its arachnid enemies, but remember: fascism is bad.

And just when you thought the acting couldn’t get any worse than Van Dien, Denise Richards proves you wrong. She plays Carmen Ibanez (not Ibañez for some reason), the least-convincing starship captain in the history of film. She is also supposed to be one of the future’s top mathematical minds, so it's no wonder that mankind found itself on the verge of extinction.

Neil Patrick Harris plays Carl Jenkins, a psychic who enjoys making his pet ferret run up his mother's skirt for fun. Keep in mind, this movie was filmed years before NPH found his footing as the Tony Award-winning-and-hosting national treasure that he is today.

Join us as we discuss why the military takes prosthetic limbs away from veterans and how goo tanks work.

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