Episode 20 - The Artist

We tried to tap-dance around the subject, but we couldn't manage to keep our big yaps shut about the 2011 Best Picture winner, "The Artist." Despite the silent nature of this film, the movie's transparent pandering to the Academy came in loud and clear. Hollywood loves to practice autofellatio any chance they get, but they really outdid themselves with this gimmicky dogshit.

Jean Dujardin plays George Valentin, a pathetic narcissistic mime who falls into despair because he doesn't have the balls to make an attempt to transition his career from silent pictures to "talkies."

Bérénice Bejo plays Peppy Miller, Hollywood's newest "It Girl," Valentin's creepy stalker and the world's worst driver. Oh yeah, she also has a fake mole.

Uggie the dog plays a poor man's Eddie from "Frasier."

So sit back, relax and enjoy this extremely talkative podcast about a silent movie. 

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