Episode 30 - The Passion of the Christ

Happy Easter!

Sir Mel Gibson's 2004 box office smash "The Passion of the Christ" is in a genre of movie we have yet to cover on the show: torture porn. It's a movie about suffering—specifically, the audience's.

Jimmy "JC" Caviezel plays the son of the one true God, Jesus H. Christ. It's a tall tale about a child born after a ghost impregnated his mommy without her consent. He then went around showing off a bunch of magic tricks until it landed him in hot soup with some powerful Jews and Romans. 

The famed anti-Semite and misogynist star of "What Women Want" directed this slow-motion snuff film that used more blood than 10,000 elevator scenes from "The Shining" and had more Gore in it than Tipper's vagina in the entire 1980s.

Join us two lapsed Catholics as we discuss this prolapsed anus of a movie.

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