Episode 11 - You've Got Mail

We all know the awful sound of connecting to dial-up. But can you imagine a whole movie as painful as that? Yeah? Then join us as we tear apart the sickly-sweet 1998 romantic comedy about two people conducting emotional affairs: "You've Got Mail." This box office blockbuster pulled in a quarter of a billion dollars by making infidelity look like a fun walk through Central Park in the fall.

Tom Hanks plays "NY152," a successful executive for a chain of mega-bookstores who has everything—except the most important thing of all: true love. Meg Ryan plays "Shopgirl," a perky pixie of a woman who runs a small bookstore, yet secretly wonders if she hasn't dared to dream big enough.

Hang out with us as we discuss the magic of having a pen pal, if the patent for sharpened dildos is still available, our loving homage to the memory of Nora Ephron, and the cathartic joys of burning down orphanages.

Yes, you read that correctly. Don't worry; it's a good time.

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