Episode 26 - Ghost

Once upon a time (in 1990) there was a movie named "Ghost" that haunted box offices across the world until it made more than $500 million. "Ghost" scared its audiences with terrifyingly bad performances, frighteningly cheesy love scenes and startlingly phony special effects. Its success opened wide the gates of chick flick hell.

Patrick Swayze plays Sam Wheat, a Wall Street banker with breathtakingly '80s hair and a penchant for saying, "Ditto." After dying 20 minutes into the film, Sam's ghost obsessively stalks his girlfriend, steals $4 million and kills two dudes.

Whoopi Goldberg plays Oda Mae Brown, a prime example of the Magical Negro movie character cliché who helps Sam's ghost communicate with his girlfriend, awkwardly fondle her and foil a sinister plot. Whoopi's supposed "acting" won her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. 

Demi Moore plays Molly Jensen, Sam's lousy artist-of-a-girlfriend who just moved in with him. Her hobbies include pottery, home decorating and crying a lot. Molly is an extremely weak person who tends to fully believe whatever the person she talked to last has said.

Join us as we bravely venture into the spooky depths of this monumental fiasco. What we discover may make your blood run cold.

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