Episode 25 - Trainwreck

The 2015 Judd Apatow/Amy Schumer joint, "Trainwreck," has been heralded as some sort of groundbreaking feminist triumph, but it's about as feminist as your creepy drunken uncle Lou. It's really just a disjointed hodgepodge of Amy's standup bits and sketch ideas with a romantic comedy shoehorned in.

Amy Schumer plays Amy (because, apparently, this is a '90s sitcom), a rough-talking tough New York girl who has given up on the idea of finding love and has instead settled for a series of one-night stands. Her hobbies include racism, picking on children and using her father's MS to manipulate people into thinking she's some sort of hero.

Bill Hader plays Dr. Aaron Conners, a cliche perfect guy with zero flaws who inexplicably instantaneously falls in love with this monster.

LeBron James plays a fictionalized version of himself. How do we know that? Because Bill Hader is the only member of his "posse." He's a Sunglass Hut-wearin', "Downton Abbey"-lovin', romance advice-givin' NBA superstar with nothing but time on his hands.

Tune in to find out Keating and Jim's favorite versions of Johnny Depp, to learn about about the rapid rise of STD rates amongst the elderly and to hear all about the statues created depicting Jim's dad's penis.

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