Episode 41 - Jerry Maguire


Did you know that a freshly severed human head weighs 8 pounds? The overly-quoted 1996 Cameron Crowe film, "Jerry Maguire," informs us of this fact along with a bunch of schmaltzy nonsense. The film's cornball dialogue and maudlin characters gave moviegoers a worse toothache than the giant container of Milk Duds they bought at the concession stand ever could. The last time we checked, needing someone to complete oneself was codependency and not a romantic notion.

This episode contains an unexpected event that happened while we were recording, so look out for that in the middle of the episode.

Tom Cruise plays Jerry Maguire, a thin-skinned pro sports agent who commits career suicide by manically writing the world's most cliché manifesto in the middle of the night because a little kid called him a jerk. Cruise’s portrayal of Maguire provided a glimpse of the pure insanity he would later exhibit during the Oprah couch incident of '05 and his legendary Scientology video.

Renée Zellweger plays Dorothy Boyd, a lonely widow who holds a suspicious amount of contempt for her now deceased husband. She hatches a dastardly plan to use her adorable son as a pawn in order to lure Jerry Maguire into her secret garden.

Cuba Gooding Jr. plays Rod Tidwell, an NFL wide receiver who becomes Jerry’s only remaining client and yells every word that comes out of his mouth. Cuba ended up winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for spouting off a bunch of catchphrases and walking around naked.

Jonathan Lipnicki plays Ray Boyd, a walking talking human booby trap whose weapons-grade smiles, hugs and kisses envelope Jerry Maguire faster than quicksand.

Join us as we reveal Jerry Maguire’s father’s true identity and ridicule Bruce Springsteen.

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